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        適用對象 Targeted Customers

        Our website service is aimed at the individuals or institutions that intend to start distance Chinese teaching education and Chinese teachers training but lack strong ability of research and development of online teaching resources, technique maintenance and hardware bearing capacity.
        Individual teachers:

        Mandarin teachers or prospective Mandarin teachers

        Those who teach students with various needs that are from different regions and cannot guarantee a regular study time; it’s also hard for them to allocate off-line class time and classrooms.

        Those who intend to start one-on-one or one-to-many distance Chinese teaching in spare time

        Those who intend to start their own online Chinese schools with the minimum investment

        Those who intend to, with the help of the Internet, expand enrollment so that the students from all over the world can locate your school and become your students.

        Those who already have a regular enrollment of teachers for online Chinese teaching and intend to invest in online education projects


        Featured cases:
        周老師的遠程教室: class.myechinese.com

        Organizational users: Institutions

        Domestic and overseas colleges, international schools, training schools, organizations of cultural exchange, enterprises and internationalized community colleges.

        Those who intend to have programs of Chinese teaching and Chinese teachers training that are exclusively owned by them, and websites of enrollment or overseas publicity.

        Those who intend to enhance the use efficiency of teachers and classes, and expand the enrollment under the circumstance of limited faculty and classrooms.

        Those who intend to provide Chinese training or on-job Chinese teachers continued education for their own staff without more investment.

        Those who intend to promote the development of international programs or serve the joint ventures in the region through some new businesses like distance Chinese teaching and Chinese teachers training.

        Those who intend to introduce premium Chinese courses resources and prestigious Chinese teachers training courses resources;

        Those who intend to have a better management of the faculty and students so as to further optimize management through the online teaching management platform.

        Featured cases:
        云南開放大學對外漢語教學中心: http://ynou.myechinese.com
        成都社區大學: http://chengdu.myechinese.com
        國家漢辦漢語教師培訓: http://jspx.myechinese.com
        對外漢語人俱樂部: http://tcsol.myechinese.com

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